Convert your classic car into an E-Classic.

You love classic cars but don't want to harm the environment?
Or your engine is getting on in years and you find e-cars exciting?

You are interested in E-Classics? Then you are exactly on right address.
We convert old- and young timers into e-cars. Just contact us.


Classic car design combined with a sustainable engine

Oldtimers and their design. The elegance and classicism, the driving experience and the feeling. Whoever owns a classic car knows how it feels. We want to help make the driving experience even better. Driving carefree in the city, being sustainable and being a pioneer of the times. We make it possible, tailored to your individual wishes.


From now on you don't have to worry about the exhaust and CO2 values of your old- or youngtimer. We change the engine into an electric motor.

simple urban life

You can use numerous e-car parking spaces, do not pollute the air and can charge your e-car at your leisure.

design remains

You love the model of your car, but the engine does not suit you? No problem! We exchange the engine into a battery.